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Our Story

Photo by Andrea Hallett

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” A simple question. Typically, one that is asked when you’re very young. Luckily for me, a good friend of mine asked this of me just a few years ago and I blurted out an answer without thinking… “a farmer”.

My name is Dennis Rook and that conversation was the final push I needed to focus my efforts to get my family where we are today. However, our journey started many years earlier. My wife and I began learning where the food we were buying in the supermarket came from. We didn’t like what we learned. We saw “Pasture Raised” on labels in the supermarket and envisioned the animals happily living their life on green pastures. But that is not the case.

However, we also learned there were alternatives! And they were all over the place! We began to support our local community by buying meat, eggs, veggies (to supplement our small garden) and fruits from local farmers. Wow! What a difference in taste and quality!

Two children, one corporate layoff, and a move to Texas brings us to Rook Pastures. We are building a small family farm, raising our animals naturally to provide our local community access to a healthier meat choice while improving the land we work. Welcome to Rook Pastures, are you ready to try real chicken?!?

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